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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  December 3, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>>tonight we're following a couple of major political stories another democratic presidential hopeful is out of the 2020 race, and house intelligence committee just released a 300 page report
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outlining evidence against president trump gets the result of 17 witness interviews, including the 12 conducted during 2 weeks a public hearing. >>the report concludes evidence of the president's obstruction of justice is quote overwhelming it criticizes trump for endangering national security to benefit his own reelection, but it stopped short of recommending impeachment saying congress will have to make that decision and a big shakeup in the 2020 race for the white house. senator kamala harris has officially ended her campaign today. she tweeted that it was a hard decision but their campaign simply did not have the funds to keep going she she's not a billionaire. >>she is not politics in perspective host tom del beccaro joins us now also the former chair of the california republican party and author of the divided era, so tom. thanks for being here did it surprise you that come alive got out of the race now. and protecting him for some time it actually was hurting yourself staying in look the
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reality is that the democrat race is sort of balkanized and opened mean they each have their camps, but she never really caught fire and i think the reason for that as she didn't have a narrative you know bernie says socialists and there's 20% who want that warren had her plans right joe biden was electable were their narratives but she didn't have that sort of verbs he was going to start out the prosecutor button. she ran away from her prosecutors record. so it just wasn't a well timed weldon thing for she lost her narrative ok i want to take issue just a little bit because when she first announced and she. >>came out. she was on fire she had that but then she ran away from her record when they criticized her you can't do that he just got like there's no apologies from warren, this is who i am no apology take it was and she sort of. the really damaging thing though is poor performance in california, california has 10 times the delegates that iowa.
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if she had a big lead in her home state. people will look forward to that and saying she's going to walk away with 200 delegates in california. she's a big deal. we like are there to saw the bomb says she does show it anyone for on she hasn't spent enough time cultivating support in california. it's that simple. she is she doesn't have dianne feinstein's appeal in this state choose to go back and work on that i've been saying that she would get out before iowa for about a month now because a bad showing here and a terrible showing in california would be damaging to her career of this is a smart thing to do real quick in this now less diverse field who benefits does anybody get her saying that the democrats are headed to a brokered convention because it's balkanized they have their camps i don't see someone getting 50 per sign on one side and biden you got booted you you got warrant and i don't see these camps coming together any time soon i think it's super tuesday is there is wide open and fair and
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bloomberg's high suspend is money that i made that week the reacted to come. says announcement that she was getting out of the field. >>he said too bad we will miss you she had a pretty good retort a lot of people think especially her supporters she tweeted back saying don't worry. mister president i'll see you at your trial of course referring to the impeachment proceedings which made news today as well. >>and of course she'll be back in the senate so she be able to sit there through the that the hearing if things are inside and there's politics. in pure fashion what americans like today, yeah partisan president who makes a partisan comment and he gets a point to tell on twitter. the democrats have schedule the judiciary hearing before the report was even written. my line about that is that's like doing is scheduled the sentencing hearing before you get the verdict. this is where we are the democrats were headed to impeach or remember last november 1st time predicted they would do impeachment. they're headed that way you know who's not in town. nancy
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pelosi. she's game. adam smith, adam schiff and now they're 2019. i predict that in 2020 she says that's enough of you guys now it's my turn i have to hold on to the house. so look for a shift and nancy pelosi exert more. and prestigious next year. having not learn schiff say that have 2020 19 our producer's telling us to wrap, but we have just opened up a can of worms. they're talking about the impeachment this is going to go on for a while so we all you again soon. >>thank you tom. you can catch from tom on politics in perspective. you can watch it on kron on every wednesday at 07:40pm and tonight at 5.30 kron 4 is always tracking local stories. >>there's a look at what is going on around the bay area in the east bay. crews at work to repair a leaky roof at a elementary school a damaged currently so bad that students had to move to a different part of the school. parents expressed frustration over the
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problem. some parents told us said that the school knew about the deteriorating conditions in past bond measures to you know improve the campus but then didn't follow through hoops. and i think kept up like it should have yeah they're finally starting to see the repercussions of it our children are being affected my child directly as of yesterday. >>a cream on stage it's really scary. think it's right that we didn't get our money in the first place they do we really to wait this long. >>last night dublin unified school district approved a $33 million budget to make the necessary repairs to that roof these repairs are going to take years apparently not enough time for the next round of rain. >>lawrence all right, yeah that rain a far way too we've got more showers that are moving in right now some more on the way back to big storm headed in our direction yet out there right now a lot of clouds are beginning to fill your skies, the showers popping up around the bay area here is the latest computer model you see another
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wraparound batch of moisture coming in for tomorrow morning's commute and can be kind of nasty early on led all that heavy rain in the southern california more snow up in the sierra nevada. then the system kind of finally winds down and moves out of town behind that we've got another strong just begin to see it there com's as we get into friday that likely to move on shore that being said tomorrow morning be careful early on temperatures going to be cool. you can expect some rain drops outside even by the afternoon highs are running in the 50's around most of the bay area the further you go south of the better chance you're going to see some raindrops as the storm system a spinning up out of the south for tomorrow, 59 the san jose about 59 milpitas 57 in pleasanton 58 in haywardofor tomorrow, 58 a few showers in the san leandro 55 degrees in atlanta watch out for some fog developing in the north bay out over the next few days. yeah, it's a little bit of a break and then here comes that storm on friday. thank you lawrence in mountain view the 2 founders of google larry page and sergei brin are
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stepping down from their roles with their parent company alphabet. >>google ceo sundar pichai will become ceo of alphabet page had been serving as ceo of alphabet well britain was founders promise that they plan to stay at activists board members and shareholders. >>and for workers fired from google last week are now planning to file a federal labor complaint against the company. they claim the company retaliated against them for organizing workers around social causes. the 4 former employees say they're preparing to file unfair labor practice charges with the national labor relations board. >>the fbi is on the hunt for an american born terrorist how much the bureau is offering for information leading to the arrest of this man. >>and it's like something out of a comic book, the new device california police are testing to try to stop a suspect in his or her tracks. >>and next their home caught fire while they were on
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>>ring doorbell cameras helping families from porch thefts or break ins, but one tennessee man is crediting his camera for saving his home from a fire. >>there's an audio function as well, the man was out of town with his family for the holiday when he got one of those notifications on his phone checked it out, but it was just somebody turning around in his driveway, though he said he could hear a faint beeping in the recording so we called one of his friends to check it out. >>i got down there and. >>looked around him and then i started to smell a little bit of smoke back towards the back of the house and walk back there. and i heard it first heard the crackling and then saw some flames coming through an interior wall. >>firefighters say if undetected that fire could have destroyed the whole house, the tennessee man says
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he's really grateful to have his home mostly intact. the friend says he currently does not own a ring device but says might get one soon death ticket. >>still ahead at 5.45. the fbi has renewed its search for a u s born terrorist, we'll tell you about the investigation
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>>tonight federal authorities are on the hunt for an american born terrorist. >>board of up to $5 million is available for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of jihad sir one mustapha merrily more report. >>it is under the strenuous circumstances that we remember the wrong. >>a video released by the fbi monday afternoon showing 37 year-old us citizen j hanser won most praising osama bin laden. >>today we are here to announce the unsealing of a
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superseding indictment which charges a former san diego resident with terrorism investigators called the stop of the highest ranking us citizen fighting with the somalia-based terrorist group al-shabaab al shabaab's reign of terror. >>threatens united states national security. our international allies and innocent civilians. >>everywhere, the indictment expands the scope of an earlier indictment now covering most office activities to up to early 2017 with recent calls by al shabaab to its followers encouraging them to attack us citizens. the fbi says hunting most often down has become even more urgent. >>for over a decade must office played a critical role in al shabaab's operations. this includes media operations. training of soldiers, participating on attacks. a somali government forces and african union troops. and holding various leadership positions. >>from the brief information released about mustafa. it's
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unclear what caused the wisconsin born in san diego raise man to terrorism. we're told he grew up in the serra mesa area attended mesa college and graduated from the university of california san diego in 2004 just 2 years later, the fbi says his involvement with terrorist groups began. we believe most office played and will continue to play an active role. in terrorist acts by al shabaab and he must be stopped. >>the fbi says mustafa should be considered armed and dangerous again a $5 million reward is being offered for any information leading to his arrest. tips about this topic can be made anonymously. >>it's called the bolawrap 100 this thing is supposed to give police officers an alternative to firing a taser oregon. the lapd announced today that it will begin testing. this new device starting in january it things like a lasso. bola wrap
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fires a kevlar core that can wrap around the person whose tend up to 25 feet away. i guess the idea is it stops you in your tracks. they're going to try out the device will initially be given to about 200 officers right as up heads up. let's go and take a. >>a look at our 4 zone forecast or camera is pointed to directly at the embarcadero tonight. >>chief meteorologist lawrence karnow ways here start to get some showers moving in the latter part of today >>yet here we go again i mean this is another significant storm we're talking about heavy rain and very gusty winds as it comes on shore. the storm system we're seeing right now this all part of the same one that effect is this weekend. but finally the core low is moving all the way into southern california is going to bring them some heavy rain but were occasionally to see the showers spinning up in the bay area and that's what we're seeing now raindrops coming up from the south of moving toward the north somewhat unusual she those moving with pockets of moderate amounts of rain now in parts of the north
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bay towards san anselmo seemed pretty good downpour. there for the south more scattered showers but again the sweeping up from the south so headed toward half moon bay in the pacific south san francisco year in the next few minutes off the we've got this next guy and this one looks like it's going to move through backup storm system that are rotating for tomorrow that will bring some showers and now on friday that is going to be a whole lot of rain, here's a look at it on a computer models one storm system winds are down moves out. and that one by thursday's off the coastline, so get a break on thursday, and there you go on friday that whole frontal ban comes on shore some very heavy rainfall moving through maybe one maybe 3 inches in the north bay behind that turning the more scattered showers that is going to keep things wet on and off right through next weekend to guice i lawrence now max this florida veteran he's been battling health issues and wasn't going to do anything for. >>christmas we're going to show you the holiday make over tho
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he could've just been the middle class kid who made good. but mike bloomberg became the guy who did good.
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>>a veteran in florida got a pretty great surprise this holiday season. yeah, robert delgado, he's been battling some health issues and he had no plans for christmas. walter morris now has more on how volunteers came together to make this season. a little bit brighter for. veteran it's a very special surprise. when robert delgado left home he had no idea his house will be wrapped up. >>with this much holiday cheer when he returned no snow or shine arts. got to widen way tears at the sight of the l e d light an inflatable decorations allthingsd fpl these volunteers turned out was spending hours transforming delgado's home for the holidays and by monday evening. this was a finished product. a winter wonderland south florida style.
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>>the best thing about the holidays is the given back right so we hope that he sees how thankful we are to him for serving our country and protecting our country the bright lights really bring the blues for delgado in the weeks before christmas. >>his health issues have kept him from decorated. and the couple's kids who were able to face time for the big reveal won't be home for the holidays this year. >>like it's gonna be here >>but now thanks to of these volunteers from miami high. the delgado's are definitely in the christmas spirit. and they say it's a shining example, what the season is really about the order for. thank you thank you very much. >>story sometimes the little things here that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. thank you for being with us this hour, we'll see you back here tonight for kron 4 news tonight in primetime in the meantime it's
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time for at 6 with them or can we. >>and they keep thanks you both coming up next as 6 o'clock a stolen car up florida police chase and a confrontation. a bizarre turn of events take a deadly turn tonight, a mother demanding answers after her son dies following a struggle with police it is the calm before the storm a break in the rain that won't last too long another round of wet weather is headed our way. >>we're tracking the timing and how it coul
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>>son dies during a confrontation with police. thank you for joining us tonight, i'm >>and i'm ken wayne. what started as a traffic stop turned into a chase and then a tense encounter the quick turn of events ended with the death
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of 52 year-old david moore. >>hearing from police and from ward's mother about this incident kron four's dan kerman joins us live from our newsroom tonight. but what we're learning. >>rosa police investigators now investigating this custody death following the struggle between the victim and sonoma county sheriff's deputies in sebastopol police. investigators say david's ward's vehicle had been reported stolen. those somehow he was able to recover it. deputies were not aware of this when they attempted to pull the vehicle over the wednesday before thanksgiving. investigators say a sonoma county sheriff's deputy tried to pull over what they thought was a stolen vehicle at 5 54 wednesday morning near bloomfield road in murray road. >>but after initially stopping the driver sped away. speeds reached over 70 miles per hour before the pursuit ended at 6 oh 2 at sutton road. when the vehicle was boxed in by sheriff's deputies in sebastopol police. investigators say when the vehicles owner david ward refused to exit

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